Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Savings at Kmart

I'm glad it worked out so well for you at Kmart! Unfortunately several items I went back for with my new coupons were out of stock. I also went to Meijer today and saved a bundle:
Aunt Millies bread b1g2free including buns (equals 1.06 per loaf)
Grands biscuits 4 at 0.42 each after 3 coupons plus a .50 off coupon on the actual biscuits that was doubled!
Bob Evans sausage for 2.30 after a coupon
Pop Tarts (junk food but a nice treat once in awhile) for .83 each after coupon
Milk 2/$5

I have found that knowing what coupons I have without having to look has been very helpful. I've used them so much in the last week and then in going through them with you guys, I have them memorized! I just went to Meijer and looked through the ad on the spot to see what coupons I had for the things on sale. I had to go anyway to get milk and bread and while I was there just got a few sale things. So that was nice.

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Organized Domestics said...

Thanks for telling us about the Kmart sales. I think I have a coupon for pop tarts so I will make sure I get them this weekend. I think this will be fun to communicate our deals!